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The Not So Secret Recipe

A Century old recipe closely guarded by the Mishrambu Family for generations.

Thandai ! A blend of milk energised with rich,flavorful mix made up of
saffron,almonds,cashews,pistachios,watermelon seeds,fennel seeds,black pepper,cardamom and sugar. Deliciously made beverages crafted to elevate your health, your table, and the planet. Sustainably made in India,

This is an everyday luxury you can feel great about !

We are an ISO Certified Company

100% Vegetarian

We would like to introduce ourselves as a Swadeshi Sharbat (100% Vegetarian) Producers in the business since 1924, i.e. almost a century. We have retained our basic recipe in its original form and the same is produced in a conserved native atmosphere in Ancient City of Banares with state of Art modern technology.

our sweet story

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Xplore more with Mishrambu

Xplore more with Mishrambu

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