Real Nuts Royal Taste Since 1924

The Not-So-Secret Recipe

A Century old recipe closely guarded by the Mishrambu Family for generations.
A blend of milk energised with rich,flavorful mix made up of almonds,cashews,watermelon seeds,fennel seeds,black pepper and sugar. Mishrambu Thandai is all about goodness of nuts.

Thandai, as the name suggests, comes from the word thanda (cool). An age-old drink that is believed to have originated during the mythological era and is Lord Shiva’s beverage of choice, thandai was popularised in North India around 1903.

Thandai - The Magical Drink

Between playing with rainbow-hued abeer (coloured powder) and friendly water balloon fights, between dancing and piles of gujiya, “kuch thanda ho jaaye” is an oft-repeated phrase though the day. Ergo – the life saver, the party “pepper” thandai.


Goodness Of Nuts

What a perfect way to pamper your taste buds.


Summer Vibes

Belly Tops, Flip Flops, late evenings, water battles, Summer fun has started.


One In A Melon

Lets have a juicy Summer