In the year 1924, when the British ruled India, a small set up was established in Varanasi also known as Kashi. Late Shri. Sachida Nand Dubey decided to prepare Thandai which is basically a milk-based drink with nuts and spices and named it MISHRAMBU meaning “jal mishrit peya” to serve it to the people of Varanasi.
 Thandai is considered as prasada of Lord Shiva, so Shree Dubeyji thought of opening a small outlet for selling Thandai near the world famous Vishwanath Temple. A small shop was set up on 24th June 1924 at Godowlia and people used to get a glass full of Thandai for 1 paisa.
With the passage of time, and the increasing demand of Thandai Late Shri Aruna Nand Dubey son of Shri Sachida Nand Dubey thought of commercialising Thandai and spread its wings outside Varanasi. Later Shri Aruna Nand Dubey with his wife Smt. Ganga Dubey laid the foundation stone of Mishrambu Products by setting up a factory in the outskirts of Varanasi.
“Mishrambu Products was the first to introduce Thandai and other dry fruit based drinks in glass bottles.”
In early 70’s, Late Shri Aruna Nand Dubey handed over the Legacy of Mishrambu Products to his four sons. Where they chose their areas of interest in business.
Encouraged by the tremendous response of consumers, "Mishrambu" decided to go in for up-gradation in technology, packaging and production with the installation of latest plant and machinery of the order of best available state-of-the-art technology and sophistication. By dint of hard work, complete dedication and uncompromising quality, "Mishrambu" became a part of each family and no house is left without having a product of "Mishrambu".
Currently, fourth generation of the family has been introduced in the business. And the quest for growth and innovation continues…….